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and Negative, Yeply, Housemarque, Aritunes, Boomlagoon, Nitro Games, Stylewhile, T Dispatch, Game Brewery, WeYuniq, Lemonsoft, Nosto, MQ, Bjorn Borg, Philips, Volcom, Indiska, Ginatricot, Paul Evans, Cute Attack

Get Favy

Favy allows you to see all the Instagram photos and videos you've liked. You can search through them, pin them and get inspired.

Favy is a personal side project, that solves a specific pain point. Built using Node.js and Instagrams API

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Motions Music

Design & Development for a Finnish electronic music group Motions. After just one week of release, the first single, "Flow", was chosen with praise to the regular playlists of one of the biggest Finnish radio stations.

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Passion for fashion in the heart of Berlin. Popister is a brand-new app that brings Berlin boutique to you!

Because we believe shopping is an emotional experience, where you not only go out in search of the soul of a store but also to meet the brains and talents behind the businesses, Popister aims to drive people back towards small and independent stores.


AriTunes is specialized in music and sound design for games. Founded by Ari Pulkkinen in 2008, AriTunes has been working on award winning audio design in games such as Resogun, Angry Birds, Outland, Dead Nation, Trine franchise and Super Stardust HD.


Connect with your customers. Nosto is the easiest way to deliver your customers personalized shopping experiences - wherever they are.

Nosto analyzes your customers’ behaviour, learning their likes and dislikes and enables you to deliver automated, personalized recommendations in real-time.


Stylewhile is a shopping app for iOS that allows fitting room experience online.

Stylewhile is the next generation marketplace that connects designers and users to style, share and shop fashion. With Stylewhile, you can visualize how items from different brands work in an outfit before buying and connect with other users and designers by sharing and liking outfits.

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