Product and experience designer.
Industrial design background.
Researching ███ at ombord & áddet.

2024 – 202? at Netflix's Eyeline Studios
2023 – 2024 at Wētā Tools in Finland
2017 – 2024 at Unity Labs in Finland.
2016 – 2017 at Shopify in Canada.
2013 – 2016 at Nosto in Helsinki.

I care about ethical design, privacy, health and remote work culture. I live in countryside nearby Helsinki, enjoy the outdoors, prototyping new products, hiking in Finnish fells, and hanging out with my dogs.

Dominik is an incredible product designer, who displays an outstanding ability to understand the business, it's customers and can transform that to beautiful product UX. His strong understanding of frontend technologies also allows him to work with the development team very efficiently. I would get the chance to hire Dominik again, I'd do so in a heartbeat.

Tuomas R., Senior Director, Unity Technologies

Dominik has a broad expertise on modern client side technologies. He implemented our website,, with genuine craftsmanship. His skills combined with a pleasant and a humble personality, makes him a rare gem.

Tuomas H., Co-founder, Futureplay Games

It has truly been a pleasure to work with Dominik who is an extremely talented product designer with a passion to build beautiful, seamlessly working products. Dominik has been driving the product design from the early sketches all the way to the production environment where we do lean development and continuous deployment. He has been an important link ensuring the communication in between different design teams, business and engineering. Dominik's frontend skills ensure his designs take also the engineering into account. I can warmly recommend Dominik to lead product design and wish to be able to work with him some day in the future again.

Kaisa S., Product Director, Unity Technologies

Dominik is very enthusiastic, reliable, driven professional and one of the nicest guys to work with. Always punctual, energetic and careful colleague that cannot be overestimated. One of the nicest co-successes that we had with Dominik was when Dominik found the necessary time (though he was overworked) to help me win the biggest deals at Nosto. A wise team player and ready to deal with difficult situations and solve the problems on time. I would highly recommend working with Dominik.

Pekka K., Investor & Partner, Nosto

Dominik and I were working hand-in-hand to create the best user experience on the fashion mobile app we were developing together. While he was in charge of the product design, I was leading the product vision and I really enjoyed our close collaboration on brainstorming on ideas, concepting them together and applying them to the app. Dom is very fast and good at concepting different versions of an idea, iterate fast on it, until we come to the best satisfying version from a PM and designer point of view. Besides his technical skills, he's a great person to work with, very passionate to develop and create new ideas, and transparent, loyal and honest in his work ethics. I would love to work again on a future project with him, if we had the opportunity to.

Sophie V., Executive Producer, Rovio

Dominik did an outstanding job, not only technically but also in the design, enhancing the user experience all together. He took my conceptual brief and execute it beyond perfection. He is reliable, smooth to work with, adaptable and very positive!

Napua S., Marketer, Futureplay Games

I've also spent a little bit over a year mentoring 30 students from around the world, in form of 1 on 1 discussions and email feedback, it's been a huge learning experience! Here's what some of my past students say:

I'd like to say what a pleasant tutor Dominik Väyrynen has been. He's helpful, cheerful, full of resources and I learnt a great deal from him.

Natalie L.

Dominik is a calm, patient, and straightforward mentor which was very grounding for me as a complete beginner to design.

Pooja L.

I felt really relaxed talking with Dominik and he was very professional. He gave great advice even with issues outside of the projects. He provided constructive feedback and I really feel that I improved during the course. It was nice that I could use my own project for the final project and got good comments on that. He was very supportive throughout the course.

Katja V.

Really enjoyed working with Dominik. He was concise and very clear on his feedback. Great insight to the industry and with his current experience as a UX designer really helpful for my own aspirations.

Lisa P.

Graduating from Design 101 was the perfect way to kick-start my learning journey as a designer, and in no small part was it thanks to Dominik as my mentor. I would not have levelled up as much as I did without his guidance and the thoughtful conversations we had during our sessions. He was incredibly patient and understanding. He clarified any - and all! - questions and concerns I had, and the detailed feedback he offered, both positive and constructive, greatly improved my designs. I appreciated the stories he shared, including his mistakes and successes, and his approach to his own work influenced the way I approached my projects (and no doubt will continue to inspire future stuff). But the most valuable piece of wisdom I took from our mentorship, was learning to have the confidence to own your design decisions and be able to justify and communicate them. Dominik's teaching style involves asking a lot of questions - the Socratic method - that got you reflecting on your designs to better understand and improve them. Never once did he make you feel you were doing something "wrong" or "right" according to the "rules" or his preferences, but instead empowered you to think more deeply about your design's goals and also do what made you happy. I could not have asked for a better teacher for a design beginner, and anybody lucky enough to learn from him, will learn a lot.

Christine D.

Dominik was really helpful to get me started on design, on both thinking and putting in practice. He shared with me experiences, stories, tips and always answered my questions, giving more clarity to the things I was unsure about or I misunderstood. Dom have also often asked me questions that made me think about my work and take a step back, which is really valuable; more than learning actual results, I also learnt about the methodology! It was a very good fit for me, as a webdeveloper and unconfident designer at the beginning. Now I feel pretty confident about kicking off awesome webpages.

Xavier C.

I'm an industrial, product and experience designer from Helsinki, Finland. I live in a log house about an hour from Helsinki. I drink excessive amount of tea, and own enough books to last me lifetime. This website is my little dusty corner of the internet.