usva layers™

We design and manufacture, every day base layers from high quality eco-friendly materials. Our products are perfect for everyday use, but they shine when you use them in the outdoors on serious adventures. Each of our underwear is hand cut and sewed. It will withstand the test of time, durability is one of our core design principles.


Mapping Finnish fells in 360°

Using 360° cameras to map out remote wilderness areas in Finland. The service is build using vue.js and Jekyll.

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MacOS image app for researchers

I love native MacOS finder app for organizing, collecting, tagging and previeving inspiration and references when working on our projects. However, i felt like browsing through the images can be quite inconvenient. That’s what this app is trying to solve, while still using native Mac file system. You choose where your files are stored, and simply use the app for bookmarking and previewing those folders in more visual way.

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Unity Machine Learning

GameTune leverages Unity’s machine learning to automatically optimize and improve elements like game progression speed or IAP bundles. There’s no need to analyze results – the game is tuned in real-time so you can test more, learn faster, and act more quickly.

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During my time at Shopify i worked on redesigning the partner dashboard with Shopify Polaris. Shopify partners are agencies and individuals helping merchants build and maintain their online stores.

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I'm an industrial, product and experience designer from Helsinki, Finland. I live in a log house about an hour from Helsinki. I drink excessive amount of tea, and own enough books to last me lifetime. This website is my little dusty corner of the internet.